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how to remove water from a fuel tank

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How To Remove Water In Fuel Tank

Although a fuel tank can be removed and completely cleaned manually, it's a dirty and time consuming job involving a lot of downtime for your boat or other mechanical device, and not one that an onsite engineer enjoys doing.

A simpler way to remove water from a fuel tank is employ the call out service of DBR. Diesel bug (which thrives at the interface of water and diesel), rust deposits, sludge water and any other debris from your red diesel fuel tank is removed using the latest technology, developed as a response to the problem that emerged from the new EEC sulphur reduction legislation.

The equipment removes water by sucking up the fuel, passing through micron filters and then pumping it back into the tank causing the mix to stir up and include the water in suspension by agitation.

This process is constantly repeated as a cycle until the fuel being returned shows clear or until a sufficient amount of time has passed to ensure enough complete cycles of all the fuel in the tank. The contents of the tank is filtered more than once in order to ensure maximum filtration.

The manufacturers of the equipment quote a polished fuel state 99% pure diesel when the process is finished. Watch the video to get an idea of the process in action.

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