red diesel bug removal from boats, vehicles and agricultural machinery


water, microbes and diesel bug removed from contaminated fuel with no loss of fuel

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Diesel Bug Removal Cases

Removing diesel bug from a diesel storage tank at a wood drying kiln factory. Several thousands of litres of diesel fuel were cleaned, and production returned to normal immediately. polishing out the diesel bug from a storage tank
This farmer was surprised to see water in the filter bowls instead of red diesel.

It goes to show how much water can accumulate from Bio Diesel fuel.

removing water from farm red diesel storage tank
"Things go better with Coca Cola" and even better when the fuel has been polished, ready for Santa to hit the road. diesel bug in haulage transport
"More of what matters" but preferably not the dreaded diesel bug. truck fuel tanks can store diesel bug, same as any other tank
Messing about on boats. Last thing you want is a breakdown on the water, especially if it's tidal. fuel polishing on an inland waterways boat
Another boater about to exit Sharpness and go tidal to Bristol. The escorting river  pilots are very pleased to see the diesel bug being treated seriously.


diesel bug help line phone number

DBR, Saul Junction Marina, Church Lane, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL27JY

Contaminated diesel cleaned of water, microbial diesel bug, sludge, rust deposits and other debris

Is it time to de-bug your diesel fuel and have it polished ?