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What Is Diesel Bug ?

Microbes that live at the interface between water and diesel fuel are what are commonly referred to as diesel bug. They are also less commonly known as diesel virus and diesel fungus. It is the water in the fuel tank that the diesel bug survives on, and allows it to reproduce at an extremely fast rate. The term "Diesel Bug" is a commonly accepted term for a number of contaminants that include microbial bacteria, fungi and algae.

The microbes have a very short life, but multiply and produce waste deposits before they die and descend to the bottom of the fuel tank. Due to the rate of reproduction the build up of dead microbes can be quite fast. They need water to survive and any fuel tank with an air pocket will produce condensation when the temperature falls far enough. This is why aeroplanes fill their tanks when left to stand (to reduce the size of the air pocket) and have water drainage taps to release the condensed water from the bottom of their fuel tanks. Engine failure when in flight is a tad more risky than when afloat or on wheels.

When dead diesel bugs, sludge or water is sucked into the fuel lines the resulting filter and injector blockages can cause engine failure and an extended and dirty tank cleaning exercise, with the added annoyance and expense of lost contaminated fuel inside the tank.

Diesel bug additives have been developed to kill the bugs but the additives do not remove the dead bugs, relying on the engine combustion to burn them off.  This does not appear to work with all engines, as some engineers will opine, and neither will the additives remove the water, sludge and rust deposits that still sit in the bottom of the tank alongside the diesel bugs. New sulphur-free diesel with a bio diesel element is also more prone to contamination by bacteria, and this again can cause blockages and corrosion.

At DBR we have the fuel polishing equipment to remove diesel bugs, sludge, water and debris from your tank. Call us for a quote to visit and clean your tank with no loss of fuel.  

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