red diesel bug removal from boats, vehicles and agricultural machinery


water, microbes and diesel bug removed from contaminated fuel with no loss of fuel

Prices from only 90

Phone DBR On:

07923 835432  

diesel bug fuel cleaning solution phone number

Phone DBR on 07923 835432

Currently operational in Worc's, Glos, Somerset, Monmouth and Brecon - See Map

Diesel Bug Removal & Fuel Polishing Service

If you want us to visit your site and use the fuel polishing equipment to remove water, sludge and "diesel bug" from your fuel tank you can phone on the number shown diesel and water removing equipment to cure diesel bug

 The phone number goes straight to the DBR technician who will be the one who visits to clean your tank.

Have details of the approximate amount of fuel to clean, location, type of vehicle i.e. narrow boat, heavy plant etc. and any other information you think maybe helpful.

Our equipment will remove (with no mess) diesel bug, water, rust deposits, and sludge build up.


The perfect solution for boat owners, agricultural and heavy plant machinery, domestic tanks and more.

Prices from only 90


DBR, Saul Junction Marina, Church Lane, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL27JY

Contaminated diesel cleaned of water, microbial diesel bug, sludge, rust deposits and other debris